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Bulk Buying Page

Made to order bulk purchases for retail businesses at discounted prices

Thank you for showing an interest in purchasing a bulk order from us, prices shown are a discounted price per each item and our minimum purchase order on this page is 30 items.


To place an order: Please email us at to place any bulk order with us stating item name, quantity, sizes and colours required, you will then be given an estimated time for dispatch, and a payment request will then be sent to you once the order has been confirmed with us.

Sample Item: we can send you a sample item(s) before any order is placed with us but this will be charged at the regular item(s) price before discount (plus p&p cost), if a bulk order is then placed with us after receiving the sample item the discounted price will then be applied to the sample item and deducted from the overall price of your order.

P&P cost: Because not all bulk orders are for the same quantity we calculate the postage cost once we receive the order and the information on postage and packaging will be given to you before you confirm the order with us. 

Please Note: Not all of our products on the website will be available for bulk purchasing and only the products shown on this page will be available, also we do not work on a sale or return basis and once you have purchased the items they are yours.


We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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