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So each year we like to give a little bit back and select a few chosen organisations where we donate some of our products to try and help them raise some much needed money for their dog charities and although we would love to help all the dog charities out there it's just not viable, so we have to limit it but when we do choose a charity we try to help different breeds each year so we are helping as many breeds of dog that we can.

When Kelly west contacted me from the North Herts Pug Facebook group and explained to me that she was fundraising for the Pug Dog Welfare and Rescue Association by having the groups first Xmas party and raffle where all the proceeds would go to the PDWRA it didn't take long for myself and Claire to decide that a Pug charity should be one of our chosen charities to help this year , we had not helped a Pug dog charity before so we were delighted to help out and donated our Quilted waterproof with reflective piping to the North Herts pug group to raffle on the 10th December.

The PDWRA was first formed in 1973 and has been a registered charity since 1978, it is a non profit organisation and operates throughout the whole of the U.K. and has trustees that are able to assist a Pug in need in any part of the country.

Each year they rescue and rehome many Pugs, in 2015 and 2016 more than 200 Pugs were surrendered to the PDWRA For rehoming .

If you are in interested in adopting or fostering a pug or even volunteering in or around your area please contact the Pug Dog welfare and rescue association, or if you are interested in having a go on the raffle please contact the north herts pug group on facebook the more they raise the more money goes to the PDWRA to help these little Pugs.

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