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The Importance of being seen

We have always been big fans of High Vis and reflective coats as a safety feature where dogs are concerned and when we post about about these type of coats on our social media outlets we always try to make people aware of the Importance of having one for added visibility when out walking.

Recently we received a message from one of our customers Rowan Thornber that just reinforced why we believe it is so important to have as much visibility as you can whilst out with your dog.

These are the messages that we received from Rowan.

We were so happy that something we had made had helped to prevent serious injury to Rowan's dog and the fact that the driver of the car had stated that he reacted quicker because he spotted the High Vis coat just goes to show that without it this could have been a very different outcome.

we would like to thank Rowan for sending us all the photo's and letting us use his messages to help make people aware of the importance and difference it could make by owning High Vis or reflective coat.

Sylver is a very lucky boy and Rowan informs us that he is recovering and hopefully it won't be long before he is up and about and back to normal.

I don't know the stats on how many dogs get run over per year or indeed how many are fatal but i do know that if wearing something High Vis or reflective can help saving a dogs life when incidents like this happen it is surely well worth owning one.

We have contacted Rowan to inform him that we know how expensive vet bills can be when something like this happens and to wish Sylver a very speedy recovery we will make and send him a replacement High Vis coat free of charge.

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