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Help a Husky

Each year we have numerous requests to help out rescue charities in any way we can and unfortunately it's just not viable to help everyone, so each year myself and Claire try to choose a few different dog charities who have contacted us and we donate a product to try and help them raise some much needed money for their charities.

So this year we made an exception to our own rule when Saints Sled Dog Rescue contacted us, we had previously donated to this rescue and like i said before we try to help as many different rescues as possible, but how do you say no to a rescue charity that helps the breed of dog that you care so much about, answer, you don't.

As you can tell from the photo one of our dogs and possibly the true boss of DryHound is our 7 yr old Siberian Husky Dexter, now, as experienced dog owners before we had Dexter we did our homework and researched the breed and found out all the traits good and bad and understood what was actually required from us before becoming a Husky owner, and it didn't take long to realise that this beautiful dog was not like any breed that we had had before or since, he never got tired no matter how many walks or how long his walks were, this little bundle of energy destroyed everything in our home, now we have had puppies before and puppies chew, but this was chewing on a different level to what we had experienced before, from the fire place to the sofa to even the surround sound system and the kitchen floor Dexter destroyed everything, and then there was the grooming, the first time he shedded his bottom coat we didn't think it was ever going to stop and it gets everywhere and when i say everywhere i mean everywhere, we hoovered and cleaned it up and within minutes the fur was everywhere again, i remember thinking to myself how can so much fur come out of one dog and for so long without him being bald.

But the chewing, the Howling in the middle of the night, the shedding, the never ending walks, the stubbornness of the breed, none of it mattered to us because we were expecting it all, because we took the time to really find out what we were getting into and we are so glad we did as Dexter is a massive part of our family, but the sad truth of this is that there are a lot of people who want one of these Northern breed dogs, who look so cute as puppies, and they go in to it with their eyes firmly closed and so many of these stunning dogs with so much personality end up in rescues across the U.K. because some of the owners among other reasons can not cope with the adolescent years of the breed and Saints Sled Dog Rescue are just one of many Charities that help to re'home Huskies, Malamutes and other Northern breeds, so when Michelle contacted us and asked if we could help we didn't even have to think about it and donated one of our coats again for their Charity auction which starts on the 1st of November 2018.

If you are interested in donating anything at all to the Saints Sled Dog Rescue Charity Auction you can contact them either through their website or through their Facebook page, or maybe you would just like to join their Facebook page group so you can bid on some of the items they have on the auction and enjoy the fun, as for all dog rescues and charities every little helps so if you are looking at helping a dog charity out this year why not pop along and take a look at their charity auction which starts 01/11/2018 on the Saints Sled Dog Rescue Facebook group and help towards giving some of their Huskies and Malamutes a second chance in a forever home as given the patience, time and love these dogs are truly a fantastic breed to own.

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