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Colour restock, Updated 20/01/20

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

10/01/20: Our next colour restock for items on the Full dog suits and jumpers page will be in approx 2 weeks from the above date, if you would like to pre order any of the following colours, Choc Brown, Black, Dark Blue, Darkest Green, Raspberry, Bordeaux, please contact us for information on how to do so, thanks


Choc brown, Black, Dark Blue and Raspberry have now been restocked and are available on all items on the jumpers/ suits page, Darkest Green and Bordeaux will be restocked and available next week, if you would like to pre order any of those 2 colours please contact us for information.


Darkest Green and Bordeaux have now been restocked for the water repellent range, our next colour restock for colours in this range is scheduled for the end of February all colours being restocked in Feb will be shown on the page closer to the time.

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