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Colour Restock: Updated 16/09/20

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

UPDATED 20/09/20 7 Colours have now been restocked and the Evergreen colour has been added, please note the Evergreen colour is a limited edition colour and once sold out will not be restocked.

UPDATED 16/09/20 The 8 colours (see colours below) being restocked will be available on the the website from Sunday 20th September 2020

UPDATED 08/09/20 We are now taking pre orders on our full suits and jumpers, please see below for the colours that are being restocked.

To pre order any of the colours below please contact us via the contact form and we will give you information on how to pre order your full dog suit or jumper, we ask you to contact us first so we can keep a count of the amount of fabric that is being used on all the pre orders we receive and so we can mark it down as a priority to be made once the fabric arrives, we are expecting the fabric to be with us in approximately 2 weeks from the date of this post.

Why pre order?

Anybody who has purchased through us before will know how quickly we sell out of certain colours in these items, so quite a while ago we decided to offer the pre order option so our customers can have the chance to purchase early and not miss out on the colour of their choice, and it has been a resounding success with many of our customers opting to pre order items, once you have pre ordered and the fabric has arrived in stock your order is made as a priority above all none pre orders and it is the only way to guarantee that you will not miss out on your preferred colour once they are on restocked on the website.

Please click contact us to send us a message >>> Contact us

We are in the process of restocking 8 colours for the Water repellent suits and jumpers, understandably a lot of our fabric suppliers have either only just started back or not back up to full speed yet which has led to us having to delay restocking certain colours on some items, we have placed an order for our first restock of colours and once we have full confirmation of a date from our supplier we will as usual use our very popular Pre order system for you to purchase early if you wish*(this will be posted on the site when available), the colours we hope to be restocking are: Red, Ultra Violet, Chocolate Brown, Raspberry, Royal Blue, Dark Blue, High vis Yellow and Evergreen, thanks.

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