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COVID 19 Update

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Update 30/6/20

As you may be aware that we are based in Leicester and that it is widely known because of the national press coverage that the government is placing Leicester into a localised lockdown because of the rise in corona virus cases in a certain area of the city, we would just like to reassure our customers that this will not affect us and we will still be open and taking and fulfilling orders, the current rise in cases in the city of Leicester are in Leicester East, we are located and based in the South West of Leicester where the cases are not high, we are lucky enough to be a family run business and our work unit is on our own property and is not open to the public to visit, we are still as we have always been throughout adhering to government guidelines and protocols to deliver a safe workplace, so just to put any minds at rest and reassure our customers that we will still be open and working as we have done throughout the whole pandemic so far, thank you for reading.

Hello and thank you for taking the time to read this short article to keep you updated with our position in light of the current pandemic and health crisis in the U.K. and across the world.

Firstly we would like to say that our thoughts and best wishes are with you all during this difficult time and I'm sure that if we all look out for each other we can all get through these uncertain times together.

We would just like to assure you that all precautions and guidelines are being followed for the safeguarding and well being of our customers and ourselves and we will continue to stay open and keep processing and making your orders as normal and our Delivery partner The Royal Mail are currently still delivering on schedule, so we will continue working for as long as we possibly can in this ever changing and uncertain situation.

Once again our thoughts and wishes are with all of you and your families and please keep following the recommend guidelines to keep yourselves and your loved ones safe during this time and we will get through it.

Sending you all our best wishes and love,

Mark and Claire, DryHound.

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