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Deactivated Code

During the 1st wave of Covid earlier this Year we sent out a small number of discount codes to customers who had supported our small business by purchasing from us through that difficult period, we sent these out as a thank you for your support and was intended only for the recipients who had supported us through it, however one of the codes has been abused and passed around to other people to use, that was not what this code was created for, it was created solely for those people who supported us through that tuff time to say thank you to them, we have now because of this deactivated that particular code, if you were one of the customers that we sent one of these codes to ( DHTY20) you will find that it no longer works at the checkout, please contact us, we will check to make sure you were one of the recipients on the list that we sent one to and create you a new one off voucher to use at the checkout.

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