The Cotton Full Dog Suit is made from a top quality Cotton Fabric (94% Cotton 6% Elastine) and is a lighterweight alternative to our fleece suits

The cotton Full dog suit is perfect for dogs with grass allergies or used as an extra protective layer to cover dressings after surgery 
With a small neck and Covering the chest, belly, front legs, back and back legs, It will keep your dog covered to give them that protective layer whilst allowing enough room for toileting

The Cotton Full Dog Suit can also help anxiety in many dogs, the close fitting suits act like they are effectivly body hugging your dog and helps to ease anxiety and has a calming effect in most dogs

:Helps ease Anxiety and has a calming effect in most dogs

:Perfect to use for dogs with Allergies

:Perfect to use as an extra protective layer with dogs with dressings after surgery


:Ideal as a Lighterweight Alternative to keep your dog clean 
: Ultimate comfort with no buckles,straps or zip

PLEASE NOTE : Please make sure that your dog will be comfortable in walking in a legged garment before you order, if not please order a legless style jumper.


PLEASE NOTE: The Legs on the suit DO NOT go all the way down and a percentage of the leg measurement is deducted for comfort and ease of movement for your dog when walking.


Please note For any DryHound full dog suit you will need measurements 1 to 8 on the how to measure your dog guide

Cotton Full Dog Suit From £15

Made to measure price guide
  • Once you have measured your dog please use measurement number 1 as the guide to your price by clicking on the relivant size options which your measurement number 1 falls into,then choose colour and quantity and add your own made to measure sizes in the box provided then proceed to the checkout,

    *Please remember to number your measurements as shown in diagram on the "how to measure your dog" page. 


    Please contact us first for Prices over 39 inches in Length 

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