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      Triple Layer 100% Reusable and Washable Face Mask With Pocket to Add Filter (Filter Not Included)

Medium: Dimensions of Face mask (not including elastic ear loops) 
Across 24.5cm 
Down 16.5cm (from bridge of nose to just under chin)
Large: Dimensions of Face mask (not including elastic ear loops) 
Across 29.5cm 
Down 20.5cm (from bridge of nose to just under chin)
Colour & material: 
Outer layer 100% cotton Emerald
Both Inner Layers 100% soft White cotton with OEKO TEX certificate 
Two elasticated ear loops
This face mask is made in the U.K. by us at DryHound and has a triple layer of 100% cotton and comes with an internal pocket for you to add an extra filter if you wish (filter not included) 
Made from the best quality cotton fabric to our usual high standard this mask has a more fitted shape with a soft inner linings made from 100% cotton with OEKO TEX certificate that gives you piece of mind and makes it comfortable for you to wear, the mask is breathable and the shape makes it easier for speaking whilst protecting and covering your mouth and nose 
With the three layers it gives you an extra layer of protection to most masks on the market with also the option for you to add a fourth layer by adding your own filter in to the internal slot whilst still being light and comfortable to wear for long periods, this is not a medical mask 
Great to use for added protection against dust, pollen, dirt, pollution whilst out walking your dog, walking in general, biking, hiking, running, shopping and in all other social or non social environments and can be used without adding an extra filter, the filter pocket is there for your convenience if you prefer to add that extra layer of protection by adding a filter, something that most face masks on the market don't give you the option to do
This is a high quality made durable face mask made in the U.K.
Machine Washable

Iron folded but do Not Iron elastic ear loops

Please note: Understandably due to the nature of this product we do not accept returns back on this item


 Please be patient with deliveries as there may be slight delays due to the current circumstances

100% Cotton Face Mask Emerald

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