Click one of the options to be added to your new coat or jumper (please note:

D-ring's are not suitable to be added to the water repellent jumpers or suits)


Harness Hole: Important, we can not put a harness hole on without the information below.

Due to the amount of different harnesses on the market you will need to type in to the box provided: 

1) How far down the coat or jumper you require the slit (from the base of the neck)

2) Whether you require the harness hole slit to run across the spine or down the length of the spine, the slit should run in the same direction as the length of your d-ring on your harness.

If the length of your d-ring runs across the spine then it's "across" if the length of your d-ring runs down the length of the spine then it's "down", it is important to let us know which direction you require the slit.


Please Note: we can not put in a harness hole on items that have either a velcro opening or a zip opening.



D-Rings are added to the coats using a black coloured strong webbing and are best suited to the quilted coat styles 

we would recommend having adjustable clips on the coats with a D-ring

Please Note: We will not put D-rings on the Fleece jumpers or Suits as they are not suitable for use on that type of fabric.


Velcro Opening to Full Dog Suit:

A opening is added with Velcro fastening and runs along the length of the Full dog suit to make it easier to put on the dog


Zip Opening to Full Dog Suit:

A black zip fastening and opening is added and runs along the length of the full dog suit to make it easier to put on


Adjustable Clips Fastenings:

Add adjustable clips fastenings to the belt and front of the coat instead of velcro fastenings

Adjustable clips and webbing are black in colour 

if you choose to add adjustable clips please be aware that the style of the belt changes to accommodate the clips (you can see the belt style with clips on the photo's on quilted coat page)


Please note: you will only need to add the Adjustable clips option when you purchase coats that have velcro fastenings as standard and you would rather have adjustable clips

Added Extras from £3