The Full Dog Suit is made from a top quality, High performance, Technical anti pill water repellent fleece fabric. (This is not a bog standard fleece)
Covering the neck, chest, belly, front legs, back and back legs . It will keep your dog nice and snug, while keeping them dry.

The Full Dog Suit will help prevent your dog getting wet and muddy 
For the dog that is already wet the dog suit is perfect to dry them, It will wick away moisture to the outside of the suit, So no need to towel dry.

The snug fit of these suits also provide help to some Anxious dogs and have a calming effect.


Please note For any DryHound full dog suit you will need measurements 1 to 8 on the how to measure your dog guide

: Water repellent : Breathable : Ideal for drying dogs as well as keeping them dry and clean on wet muddy days
: Ultimate comfort with no buckles,straps or zips : Machine washable  

:Helps ease anxiety
:Retaining body heat and restoring core body temperature 

PLEASE NOTE : Please make sure that your dog will be comfortable in walking in a legged garment before you order,if not please order a legless style jumper.


PLEASE NOTE: If the breed of your dog is a I.e. whippet, Greyhound, Sighthound type breed please let us know when ordering as we will make the suit with a seam on the back to add more of a shape to the back of the suit.

if you fail to tell us the suit will be made the normal way without the seam and shape being added and any required alteration to the suit after it has been made and dispatched will be subject to a alteration charge and return p&p back to you


PLEASE NOTE: The Legs on the suit DO NOT go all the way down and a percentage of the leg measurement is deducted for comfort and ease of movement for your dog when walking and we do not recommend having the legs go further down on the suit than how we would normally make them, if you add too much to this measurement and if your leg measurement is too long your dog may not be able to walk in the suit without treading on the fabric so please only give us the actual leg measurement and please also note that we don't recommend legged garments for smaller legged dogs who's leg measurements are 4 inches and below due to the percentage that we have take off the suit legs.


This is a double velour technical fleece with natural water repellent properties that repells rain to keep your dog dry,and is perfect to use as a drying suit on a wet dog because of it's fantastic wicking action




Wash Care:

Machine washable at 30c

Avoid using all fabric softeners

Do not bleach

Tumble dry on a low setting

Do not iron

Full Dog Suit from £23

  • Please note For any DryHound full dog suit you will need measurements 1 to 8 on the how to measure your dog guide


    Please note: if the coloured dot has a white line through it the colour will be out of stock and you will be unable to select it.

    Once you have measured your dog please use measurement number 1 as the guide to your price by clicking on the relivant size options which your measurement number 1 falls into,then choose colour and quantity and add your own made to measure sizes in the box provided then proceed to the checkout,

    *Please remember to number your measurements as shown in diagram on the "how to measure your dog" page and that these are all made to measure items. 


    Please contact us first for Prices over 39 inches in Length