Quilted waterproof coat with adjustable clips and Sherpa Fleece Lining:
The coat is made from a top quality waterproof 4oz polyester,quilted with 2oz wadding and has a Sherpa fleece lining, Covering the back and side body

Featuring an adjustable front neck and side release clips with a Sherpa fleece lined band that fits around the belly,Fully lined with soft Sherpa fleece and has a Sherpa fleece folding collar, perfect for keeping your dog dry and warm.100% polyester ,machine washable at 30 degrees celsius . 

PLEASE NOTE : We require Measurements 2, 3, 4, 5 from our measuring guide to make this coat with the number 4 measurement being used to select price bracket.

Quilted with adjustable clips From £18

Option 3

    All of our coats are now made to measure only, we no longer make standard size coats and you will need to enter all 4 measurements into the box provided, you can find which measurements we require and how to measure your dog in the how to measure your dog section.

    SELECTING THE CORRECT PRICE BRACKET:You will need to use your dogs number 4 measurement (spine length)for coats only) and select the size and price bracket from the dropdown box that your dogs spine length measurement falls into

    Example: If your spine length measures at 11 inches, you should choose the XXS 10 inch price bracket as the next price bracket starts at XS 12 inch and above, please make sure that you still type in your actual spine length measurement into the box as the size you select from the dropdown box is only used for a pricing guide and we do still require the actual size.

  • Please contact us for prices on spine length sizes of 29 inches and above