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How do i measure my dog?

You need up to 8 simple measurements from your dog as shown in the diagram and listed below for your made to measure garment.

Please take measurements as close to the dogs body as possible (but not overly tight) while your dog is in a standing position, we add and take away our own allowances on top for comfort and leg measurements so please only give us the actual measurements of the dog without adding anything on.

If you have a really furry dog please take this into account when measuring but DO NOT measure too loosely, if you measure overly loose it will be too big so please keep this in mind when measuring as once it is made there will be an alteration charge if the item is too big and you want it altering.

Please Note: We ask only for the measurements of the dog and once we have made an item some of the items measurements will slightly differ to the measurements you have provided to us this is in conjunction with our own allowances being added for comfort and fitting or taken away in the case of leg measurements for clearance.

Puppy owners: before using this measuring guide to measure your pup please read the section below on Puppies.

If you have ordered with us before and are happy that your dog(s) do not need remeasuring just type in to the measurements box: 

" use previous measurements"

as we keep previous measurements on our system

Please DO NOT use a metal builders type tape measure to measure your dog it will not give you accurate measurements for what we need, if this is the only tape measure that you have and need help please contact us first and we will help and explain what you need to do

You should use a soft fabric type tape measure to take all the measurements

1.OVERALL LENGTH. This is the main measurement for pricing for jumpers & full dog suits,taken from the breastbone at the front of the dog in the middle, around and down the side of the dog to level with the base of the tail and end of the back leg.

2.NECK. Measure all the way around the neck (circumference)

3.CHEST. Measure from just behind the front leg up and all the way around the chest (circumference)

4.SPINE LENGTH. This is the main measurement for pricing for coats Measure from the base of the neck and along the spine to the base of the tail at the end of the dog, this measurement is the main measurement for the length of your dog and will determined where the item finishes on your dogs back length.

the base of the neck is where the angle changes when your dog is standing in a natural position with their head up. 

Important note for measurement 4:

All the measurements are important to be correct however it is vitally important that you get this measurement correct and not too long as this is the main length measurement for your dog and the underneath section of the suits and jumpers are made in conjunction with this measurement to allow enough room for toileting, for example if your spine length measurement not accurate and is too long by 2 inches the underneath section will also be 2 inches further forward than it should be and may affect room for toileting and the placement of the back legs on suits, so please check this measurement as many times as you need to to ensure it is correct.

5.WAIST. Measure from just in front of the back leg up and all the way around the waist (circumference)

6.FRONT LEG. Measure at the back of the front leg (inside from armpit)down to the floor.

7.BACK LEG Measure the inside back leg down to the floor. (This measurement is only needed for the Full Dog Suits)

8.THIGH CIRCUMFERENCE. Measure the back leg thigh circumference (All the way around the thigh) at its widest point. (This measurement is only needed for the Full Dog Suits)

Please make sure when taking the dogs legs measurement that the measurement is down to the floor and NOT where you want the suit leg to finish as we take off our own percentage of the measurement to allow clearance for the dogs feet.

You can take the measurements in inches or cm but please state which one you are using when entering your sizes for order.

FOR JUMPERS WITHOUT LEGS, only 5 measurements needed you will only need measurements  1,2,3,4,5, with number 1 being the measurement for pricing

FOR JUMPERS WITH LEGS, only 6 measurements needed you will need measurements  1,2,3,4,5,6, with number 1 being the measurement for pricing

FOR COATS, only 4 measurements needed 

you will only need measurements 2,3,4,with 4 being the measurement for pricing.

PLEASE NOTE: For breeds such as Greyhounds, whippets, Sighthound type breeds etc... it helps if you let us know the breed so the coats to get the correct shape.

FOR FULL DOG SUITS. all 8 measurements needed you will need all 8 measurements, 

with number 1 being the measurement for pricing.


Please make sure your dog is comfortable wearing a jumper or Full dog suit with leg coverings before ordering,if not please order a legless jumper.

Please Note: Please take all measurements as close as possible to the dogs body, we add our own allowance on top of your measurements for seam allowance and comfortability for the dog, Please only measure to where the diagram tells you and do Not add any allowance on to your sizes as we take this in to consideration in our allowance when making the item.

Please be sure of your measurements before ordering as once the item is made it is non returnable or refundable for sizing issues as stated on our t&cs.



I.e Greyhound, Whippet, Lurcher, Sighthound type breeds etc...

When ordering coats for the type of breeds that have a more rounded curve on the back end please tell us if you require a seam put in the coat  if you do not tell us the breed or ask for a seam it will not have the required shape or back seam put into the coat, and certain breeds need the shape in the coat to make the coat fit properly, so please let us know the breed and if it has a specific shape that requires a seam as this helps us when we receive measurements, not all dogs require a seam put in the coats and we make them without unless we are asked to put one in, and if you do not tell us we won't necessarily know that it needs a seam so please don't presume that we automatically put a seam on all coats as it may be made without one if we are not told that you need one putting in.


If you're measuring for a Puppy please remember how quickly they grow daily and take this in to consideration when measuring, if you do not take the growth rate in to consideration there is a good chance when you receive your item that your puppy will have outgrown the measurements that you originally provided to us, and we will NOT be able to do anything about this as the item will have been made correctly to the original measurements, but please remember if you over measure and allow too much on your measurements there is a chance it will be too big for your puppy to wear immediately when you receive the item, and again PLEASE REMEMBER Puppies are like children THEY GROW and we make the items based on the measurements that you provide to us, we can not advise you on how much to allow when measuring for a puppy as you are the one measuring your dog so it has to be your own decision and judgement on what measurements you provide to us, please note: for puppies and only puppies, this is the only time that we recommend adding anything on to your measurements to compensate for the growth, for all other dogs fully grown or of a more stable growth you should follow the instructions on the above measuring guide.

If your Dog is a Dachshund please let us know this when ordering as we do not put in as much shape on the bottom of the coats for this breed so the fit is better, if you do not let us know then coat will be made with the regular shaping to it. 


if you need any help please just contact us via the contact form

measuring guide.png
Please only measure and send us the measurements as described in the diagram and the measurement description, and number them in the same way as shown as to avoid any miscommunication or delays in processing and making your order.
Why do I have to give you a valid email address?​

Important: Email address

IMPORTANT PLEASE NOTE: Please make sure that you provide us with an up to date valid Email address that is checked regular when your order has been placed, this and only this is how we contact you for any issues regarding your placed order and to send your order confirmation details, dispatch dates and if we need to contact you with any measurement queries.


The reason we will only use email to contact you is so there are no misunderstanding on any measurement queries, measurements or information that has been provided to us from the customer and everything is documented in black and white to eliminate any misunderstanding on our part.

if we can not contact you regarding any issues that may arise or we continue to get no reply's to our sent emails your order will either be placed on hold until you contact us, which will delay your order significantly or the order will be made and sent regardless of any issues we may have spotted and any alterations needed due to this we be at your own expense.

Please remember It is your responsibility not ours to make sure that we receive the correct contact details including valid Email address and delivery address.

We do email you your order confirmation, if you have not received one within 24hrs please check either your spam folder or that you have given us your correct email address.


How Do I Place A Made To Measure Order?​

To place a made to measure order simply click on the picture on the shop page, choose a size option from the box that your measurement number 1 (for jumpers) or 4 (for coats) of the diagram corresponds with (to give you the price for your size) pick your colour, quantity and add to cart then go to the checkout. Items that are made to measure please add your own sizes into the relevant box provided on the product page, please make sure your measurements are numbered to correspond with the numbers in the diagram and please state inches or cm ,once done proceed to the PayPal checkout, please note it is important that when you fill in your measurements that your number 1( jumpers) or number 4 (coats) measurement corresponds with the purchased item to avoid any delays in making and dispatching your item.

Once your order has been placed you will receive an automated order confirmation followed by a second emailed order confirmation from us (in working hours)

How long for dispatch?

Dispatch timings

Once we receive your order we aim to make it and dispatch it within the estimated time stated at the top of each of the product pages, you should always check these timings before ordering as they will change in line with our workload and only order is you are prepared to wait the full length of time that is given, you will also be sent these timings on your order confirmation email.


PLEASE NOTE at busy periods or holiday times through the year the make up, delivery and dispatch times may take longer than stated,  a timetable will be available on the home screen to guide you to dispatch timings which you should read before placing your order to give you an estimated dispatch time this will also be in the confirmation email you receive from us, sometimes things happen that are out of our control which can lead to delays so please remember these are estimated times for dispatch and also please remember that we are making you made to measure items specifically for your dog that you can not buy anywhere else and we are not just picking items off a shelf, we do continue to make and dispatch orders as quickly as possible and believe that even with delays in busy periods we are still quicker than most other companies.


(Note: multiple item orders may take longer to dispatch for obvious reasons) The day that you place your order is not classed as the first full day for make up purposes and you should be prepared to wait the full length of time that is stated on the dispatch timings

PLEASE NOTE: at busy periods through the year the make up, delivery and dispatch times may take longer than stated due to the sheer volume of orders we may receive (Autumn, Winter period) .


Colour shades may vary from time to time to photo's shown due to fabric suppliers dye cast on each batch of fabric and may differ and although we try to match colours as close as possible to our photo's sometimes it is out of our control.

When a colour shade is totally different to the item shown we do endeavour to update our photo's on the website at the soonest opportunity. 


Payment & Shipping 

Payment is made through PayPal at the checkout page. please note any payments made to DryHound will read as dryhound on your bank statement. (Please see next section if you don't have a PayPal account)


PLEASE NOTE: if payment is made by an E-CHEQUE through PayPal the order will not be processed until PayPal have cleared and clarified the payment,which PayPal state that it could take between 7-14 days to clear but usually takes between 5-7 days.


Please enter either your U.K. country or one of our selected European countries on the checkout page.

PLEASE NOTE: Shipping country selected on the checkout will have to match the country origin of the delivery address, failure to do so will result in delays in processing and dispatching the order.

Due to the increased rises in postage costs we now dispatch our items 2nd class signed for to keep the P&P cost down for our customers so it is currently calculated by weight and size and is delivered by the Royal Mail 2nd class signed for in the U.K., if you would like your order sent out 1st class signed for please just ask us and a payment request will be sent for the price difference in the postage cost.


P&P for countries outside the U.K. are dispatched through Royal Mail international tracked

Please be aware when ordering from outside the U.K. that you may have to pay a customs charge or tax from your country's own postal service to receive your package from them and you should find out this information from them before placing your order.

This also now applies to Countries in the E.U from the 1/1/21

Once we receive your order we aim to make it and dispatch it in four -six clear full working days(Mon-Fri) and delivery should take 2-3 working days (as stated by Royal Mail for U.K) and international tracked and signed for will take approx 3-5 working days (as stated by Royal Mail) after it has been dispatched and it will need to be signed for, under current circumstances with Coronavirus just a name is being taken on receipt of item, this is used as proof to us that you have received it and any disputes must be taken up with the royal mail by yourself (please note that once an order has been dispatched the delivery time is out of our control),please note at busy periods through the year the make up, delivery and dispatch may take longer than stated (please see make up time).

Please Note: For large quantity purchases we may use a different courier other than the Royal Mail for shipping depending on the size and weight of the order placed. 

Please Note: If your made to measure sizes do not match the correct price bracket you will be notified and sent a correct payment request, the order will not be processed or dispatched and will be put on hold and delayed until the correct payment has been received.

Do I need a PayPal account to purchase items ?

No, you do not need a PayPal account or even have to open a PayPal account to purchase items from us, we use PayPal to process our online payments whether you have a PayPal account or not, you can pay by credit or debit card, you will still need to checkout with PayPal on the screen and you will be given an option to pay via a PayPal account or to Pay as a guest and pay another way by credit or debit card, when you choose to pay as a guest or pay by credit or debit card it will give you the option to pay that way and it will take you to a screen where you will just enter you card details to pay as if you would when you purchase anything else online, so no need to open or have a existing PayPal account, just choose to pay as a guest or to pay by credit or debit to pay that way, the payment will just be processed by PayPal to us through your card payment, it will ask you at the end if you would like to open a PayPal account and either tick yes or no it's as simple as that.

Face Masks 

Face Masks are dispatched the next full working day, where possible we will aim to dispatch them the same day the order is placed but due to the high volume of sales of these items and the process time you should expect dispatch to take one full working day unless ordered with another item i.e coat, jumper, then the dispatch time will be the same dispatch time as the coat, jumper dispatch timings.

Please note if the demand is exceptionally high on face masks orders the dispatch time may take longer than what is stated above.

Due to the nature of this item we do not except returns back on face masks so please check the sizing chart before ordering.


Secure ordering & Payment options

ssl secure shopping and PayPal are two of the most trusted names in online shopping payments so you can have piece of mind when purchasing through dryhound that we use both and your payments and data are as secure as they can be.

You don't need to have a PayPal account to make a purchase with us, all major debit/credit cards including Visa/Mastercard are accepted through paypal without the need for an account,alternatively if you do have a PayPal account this can be used


Returns & Refunds

Here at DryHound all of our dog clothing items are made to measure and are individually made by us and quality checked and made to the highest standard to ensure you are happy with your purchase, our Made to measure products are bespoke items made with the measurements that you provide to us and are non exchangeable and non refundable unless the make up or the item has not been made in conjunction with measurements correctly on our part (please note: we do include and take off our own allowance's on top of your Measurements due to seam allowance and comfort for the dog as explained on the measuring guide).Please remember we are making the items from the measurements that you have given us, if needed we can supply evidence of the exact sizing and allowances that your item has been made to from the measurements provided to us.

Please note: we keep all sizing records and all individual patterns that have been created to cross reference any sizing issues or disputes that may occur. 

If there is a sizing issue and after we have checked the pattern and measurements provided to us and we deem that the error has been made on or part during the pattern making process we will offer to either to remake or refund, and only if this is the case.

 We do not reimburse return postage and all return postage to us is paid for by you.

IMPORTANT PLEASE NOTE: from the 1/1/21

If returning an item from outside the U.K to us it will be subject to a customs charge for us to receive the item from the postal service, this charge will be for you to pay before we take collection of the item from the postal service, a copy of the customs charge will be emailed to you along with a payment request, if the charge is not paid we will not take collection of it.


PLEASE NOTE: Please remember we make the item from the measurements you have provided to us, If you have mis-measured and would like the item altered ( not always possible) or missed off an added extra item that you would like adding or altering in any way and need to send your item back to us please be aware that All alterations are subject to a charge depending on how much work needs to done to the item, If you return any item back to us for paid alterations we will send you a request for payment and the postage once we receive the item back, once we have completed the alterations, the item will not be dispatched back out to you until the payment for the alterations and p&p has been fulfilled.

We do all our alteration work at weekends due to the weekly workload, so if we receive an item back on a Monday it will be booked in for the alteration on the following weekend subject to work slot availability for that weekend.

Please remember when asking for an alteration that in most cases the work involved in unpicking, re-cutting and remaking your item takes longer than actually making a new item, this is why we apply the charges.

 We do not reimburse return postage and all return postage to us is paid for by you.

IMPORTANT PLEASE NOTE: from the 1/1/21

If returning an item from outside the U.K to us it may be subject to a customs charge from the postal service for us to receive the item, this charge will be for you to pay before we take collection of the item from the postal service, a copy of the customs charge will be emailed to you along with a payment request, if the charge is not paid we will not take collection of it.

Subscribers & Members

When joining our subscribers list or our members only pages or both by way of providing your email address to us as a subscriber or member you are agreeing to DryHound contacting you for any news, product information, promotional offers and any exclusive discounts, we only use our email marketing to subscribers and members of the site, you can unsubscribe or cancel your membership at any time, for further information and to see how we use your data please read our privacy policy.


Please note: When you buy any product from DryHound that you are placing on your dog to wear you are doing so at your own risk as the owner of the dog so please be sure that both you and your dog(s) are comfortable with wearing garments before purchasing from us as we are not accountable for what you place on your dog(s) to wear and as the owner you are making the choice to place a garment(s) on dog(s), your dogs comfort must and should always be the priority.


Thank you for shopping with us!
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