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How to measure your dog 

You need up to 8 simple measurements from your dog as shown in the diagram and listed below for your made to measure garment.

Please take measurements as close to the dogs body as possible while your dog is in a standing position (but not overly tight, take into consideration if you have a really furry dog) , we add and take away our own allowances on top for comfort and leg measurements so please only give us the actual measurements of the dog without adding anything on, you should measure your dog at least twice to make sure you are giving us the correct measurements.

Please Note: We ask only for the measurements of the dog and once we have made an item some of the items measurements will slightly differ to the measurements you have provided to us this is in conjunction with our own allowances being added for comfort and fitting or taken away in the case of leg measurements for clearance.

PUPPY OWNERS : before using this measuring guide to measure your puppy or younger dog you need to please read the section below on Puppies.

If you have ordered with us before and are happy that your dog(s) do not need remeasuring just type in to the measurements box: 

" use previous measurements"

as we keep previous measurements on our system

Please DO NOT use a metal builders type tape measure to measure your dog it will not give you accurate measurements for what we need, if this is the only tape measure that you have and need help please contact us first and we will help and explain what you need to do

You should use a soft fabric type tape measure to take all the measurements

1.OVERALL LENGTH. This is the main measurement for pricing for jumpers & full dog suits, taken from the breastbone at the front of the dog in the middle, around and down the side of the dog to level with the base of the tail and end of the back leg.

2.NECK. Measure all the way around the neck (circumference)

3.CHEST. Measure from just behind the front legs up and all the way around the chest (circumference)

4.SPINE LENGTH. This is the main measurement for pricing for coats Measure from the base of the neck and along the spine to the base of the tail at the end of the dog, this measurement is the main measurement for the length of your dog and will determined where the item finishes on your dogs back length.

the base of the neck is where the angle changes when your dog is standing in a natural position with their head up. 

Important note for measurement 4:

All the measurements are important to be correct however it is vitally important that you get this measurement correct and not too long as this is the main length measurement for your dog and the underneath section of the suits and jumpers are made in conjunction with this measurement to allow enough room for toileting, for example if your spine length measurement not accurate and is too long by 2 inches the underneath section will also be 2 inches further forward than it should be and may affect room for toileting and the placement of the back legs on suits, so please check this measurement as many times as you need to to ensure it is correct.

5.WAIST. Measure from just in front of the back legs up and all the way around the waist (circumference)

6.INSIDE FRONT LEG. Measure at the back of the front leg (inside from armpit)down to the floor.

7.INSIDE BACK LEG Measure the inside back leg down to the floor. (This measurement is only needed for the Full Dog Suits)

8.THIGH CIRCUMFERENCE. Measure the back leg thigh circumference (All the way around the thigh) at its widest point. (This measurement is only needed for the Full Dog Suits)

Please make sure when taking the dogs legs measurement that the measurement is down to the floor and NOT where you want the suit leg to finish as we take off our own percentage of the measurement to allow clearance for the dogs feet.

You can take the measurements in inches or cm but please state which one you are using when entering your sizes for order.

FOR JUMPERS WITHOUT LEGS, only 5 measurements needed you will only need measurements  1,2,3,4,5, with number 1 being the measurement for pricing

FOR JUMPERS WITH LEGS, only 6 measurements needed you will need measurements  1,2,3,4,5,6, with number 1 being the measurement for pricing

FOR COATS, only 4 measurements needed you will only need measurements 2,3,4,with 4 being the measurement for pricing.

PLEASE NOTE: For breeds such as Greyhounds, whippets, Sighthound type breeds etc... it helps if you let us know the breed so the coats to get the correct shape.

FOR FULL DOG SUITS. all 8 measurements needed you will need all 8 measurements, 

with number 1 being the measurement for pricing.


Please make sure your dog is comfortable wearing a jumper or Full dog suit with leg coverings before ordering, if not please order a legless jumper.

Please Note: Please take all measurements as close as possible to the dogs body, we add our own allowance on top of some of your measurements for seam allowance and comfortability for the dog, Please only measure to where the diagram tells you and do Not add any allowance on to your sizes as we take this in to consideration in our allowance when making the item.

Please be sure of your measurements before ordering as once the item is made it is non returnable or refundable for sizing issues as stated on our t&cs.


NOTE FOR OWNERS OF DOGS WITH SPECIFIC SHAPES: I.e Greyhound, Whippet, Lurcher, Sighthound type breeds etc...

When ordering coats for the type of breeds that have a more rounded curve on the back end please tell us if you require a seam put in the coat  if you do not tell us the breed or ask for a seam it will not have the required shape or back seam put into the coat, and certain breeds need the shape in the coat to make the coat fit properly, so please let us know the breed and if it has a specific shape that requires a seam as this helps us when we receive measurements, not all dogs require a seam put in the coats and we make them without unless we are asked to put one in, and if you do not tell us we won't necessarily know that it needs a seam so please don't presume that we automatically put a seam on all coats as it may be made without one if we are not told that you need one putting in.


If you're measuring for a Puppy please tell us in the box provided for the measurements on the product page that it is for a puppy or a young dog that is still growing, due to our turnaround times we have when we are busy we will email you back a day before the item is due to be made so you can check and remeasure for growth and we will amend your measurements with any changes before the item is made, if the dogs amended measurements have moved it into the next price bracket you will be informed and asked to pay the difference for the correct price bracket, you should still take into consideration when measuring the dogs growth rate and if you feel you need to add a little on to the measurements you should do so, but please note that we will still be making the item to your provided measurements and we can not advise on how much you should add on or whether you need to add any on at all, dogs growth rates vary for different breeds and sizes and generally start to stabilise from anywhere from 9 months to 12 months depending on the breed, and we offer this email contact and chance to remeasure a day before the item is due to be made so your puppy/young dog has an item that fits on arrival (providing the measurements provided to us are correct) and ensure that they have not already outgrown the original measurements due to our turnaround times, so please remember to tell us so we can contact you or we will not know that it is a puppy/young dog.

Growth for Puppies and younger dogs is the only time you should take in to consideration when measuring to add any room for growth when measuring, for all other dogs who have a more stabilised growth or fully grown you should follow the measuring guide and only provide the actual dogs measurements that we ask for by measuring as close as possible to the dogs body without being overly tight,

If your Dog is a Dachshund please let us know this when ordering as we do not put in as much shape on the bottom of the coats for this breed so the fit is better, if you do not let us know then coat will be made with the regular shaping to it. 


if you need any help please just contact us via the contact form

measuring guide.png
Please only measure and send us the measurements as described in the diagram and the measurement description, and number them in the same way as shown as to avoid any miscommunication or delays in processing and making your order.
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