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With Halloween and Bonfire night quickly approaching they can be enjoyable events for humans but not so much for dogs.

Two of the most noisiest times of the year with loud bangs, flashes lots of people around knocking on your door and lots more unfamiliar noises can make some dogs stressed and anxious so it's important to not forget how your dog may be feeling and to ease their tension as much as we can.

We have had lots of feedback from previous customers that have used our jumpers to ease their dogs anxiety, they found that the snug fit had a calming effect on their dog like it was constantly being hugged and eased their anxiety dramatically.If you are concerned about how these type of events could impact your dog's behaviour please speak to one of your local dog behaviourist for advice as they are the experts in this field and can offer invaluable advice for the well being and happiness for your dog.

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