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Royal Mail Delivery Delays

Please keep in mind when waiting for your orders to be delivered that the run up to Christmas is always the busiest time of the year for the Royal mail and this year also has the added factor of Covid and the restrictions that are in place everywhere, there are delays in certain area's and this is not a surprise considering the circumstances, so please remember this when waiting for your order, the Royal Mail tracking screen will show that we have dispatched items and that they have it, the tracking screen only gets updated once the item has been attempted to be delivered or has been delivered, the Royal mail also have their own message on that screen for customers waiting for deliveries explaining delays, please keep in mind that once we have dispatched an order it is totally out of our control when the Royal mail deliver it and we can not do anything about it and we would ask everyone who is waiting for deliveries to please keep this in mind and please be a little patient in the current circumstances that is affecting everyone, thanks.

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